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We are IMCD, a leading global partner in the distribution and formulation of speciality chemicals and ingredients. Operating in more than 60 countries, we combine local knowledge with global experience.
About IMCD Spain

IMCD Spain was founded in 1995. From Spain we coordinate the operations of the entities IMCD Portugal, IMCD Morocco, IMCD Algeria and IMCD Tunisia; we provide customers in the Iberia and Maghreb regions with the highest-quality raw materials together with the deep understanding of local needs, and speaking the local language.

Our offices in Spain are located in Madrid and Barcelona. We have state-of-the-art application laboratories in Barcelona and Mohammedia and we innovate and formulate new solutions that help customers and suppliers look to the future.
Jose Alcover
Managing Director Iberia & Maghreb

As part of IMCD Iberia, IMCD Spain is a leading speciality chemical and food additives distributor in the country.

About IMCD Group

IMCD Group, headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is a leading global distribution partner and formulator of speciality chemicals and ingredients. A strong, innovative business partner and solutions provider for producers of consumer, industrial and durable goods in multiple business sectors: advanced materials, beauty and personal care, coatings and construction, food and nutrition, home, industrial and institutional care, industrial solutions, lubricants and energy, and pharmaceuticals.

In partnership with our suppliers, we offer a broad and deep product portfolio. In over 70 application laboratories we co-create formulations and sustainable solutions that allow our business partners to make products with a positive impact on the world of today, and tomorrow. Our teams focus on providing commercial and operational excellence, using the best digital and logistics tools available to create a world of opportunity for our partners.

In 2022, with over 4300 employees, IMCD realised a revenue of EUR 4,601 million. IMCD N.V.’s shares are traded at Euronext, Amsterdam (symbol: IMCD) and included in the Dutch ESG AEX index, as one of 25 companies within the AEX and AMX indices demonstrating best ESG practices.

For further information, please visit www.imcdgroup.com.
Our markets
Across our eight market sectors we are creating a world of opportunity through the breadth of our technical expertise and high-quality portfolio of 43,000 products used in almost every aspect of daily life.
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