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Oct 02, 2023


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IMCD Iberia & Maghreb: Solidary Fundraising in favor of the Moroccan Red Crescent

The donation amounts to 25.000,00 Euro


Anna Picón Sánchez

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit Morocco on September 8th, killing and injuring thousands of people and causing widespread destruction.

After the confirmation that all the staff of IMCD Maroc and their families were safe and in good health, the Management of Iberia & Maghreb started looking for options to support the victims of the tragedy in this country where Spain has strong links with.

The Moroccan Government limited the NGO’s that would be allowed to directly intervene in support of the emergency, and the Red Crescent was from the beginning in the front line of the ground. Hence The Moroccan Red Crescent was chosen as the best alternative to channel IMCD Iberia & Maghreb contribution.
"There are no words to describe how heartbroken I was when I first heard in Friday night about the tremendous earthquake in Morocco. All on hold waiting for news from colleagues, employees, FRIENDS, in this beloved country.

I am now so happy to know that all our #IMCDMaroc staff and their families are safe and in good health. Still, I feel deeply sorrow for the hundreds of dead people and the uncountable Moroccans injured. The human tragedy leaves not even space to think about the wonderful old buildings irreparably damaged. My deepest condolences to all the families affected by this tragedy, my thoughts and feelings are with the people in Morocco.

While being positive that the Moroccan authorities are following a responsible, rigorous, and efficient approach to manage the requests and demands for international support, I can only say that from IMCD España our contribution to whatever possible will be generous and coming from the deep of our hearts."

JOSE ALCOVER Director General IMCD Iberia & Maghreb 

In no time, Jose Alcover announced that IMCD would launch a fundraising campaign to help in whatever possible way.

All the staff in Iberia & Maghreb received a communication encouraging them to donate the amount they wanted, with the compromise of the Managing Director to multiply by 5 the total collected and donate it to the Moroccan Red Crescent.

The result has been:
• 69 colleagues have donated money

• The total donations from the colleagues are close to 5.000,00€

• IMCD Iberia & Maghreb has hence donated 25.000,00€ to the Red Crescent in support of the victims of the earthquake
One month after the earthquake, now there’s a race against the arrival of the winter.

​​While initial relief provided some basic accommodations, the pressing need for insulated shelter and winter provisions is escalating, especially considering that the most affected part of the country is a region in high altitude (between 1500 and 2000 meters).
We are positive that the donation of IMCD Iberia & Maghreb, at individual level and as a company, will mean a valuable contribution to relieve the urgent needs.

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