Diamond is the most transparent and sparkling series. The pigments from the Diamond rang endow the final product with intense diamond like reflections without altering the base color. Characterized by its calcium sodium borosilicate substrate, the Diamond series displays extraordinary sparkle effects in multicolored 3D reflections in selected color shades. The silver white pigments impress with the energetic sparkle of a starry sky combined with the gentle glitter of a rainbow. All the pigments of this range offer great design potential, both in color mixes and in combinations on colored substrates, even at low concentrations.


  • Calcium Sodium Borosilicate
  • Silver White and Interference
  • Most Transparent Silver White and Interference Colors
  • Low Hiding Power
  • Very Strong Three-Dimensional Multicolor Sparkle
  • Colorful Glitter Effect; Highly Reflective
  • Medium to Very Coarse Particle Size


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