"Eastek™ Polymer Dispersions are water-based dispersions of aromatic sulfopolyester resins. They are used mainly as a film forming agent in coatings, inks, primers, and textile sizing. Eastek™ dispersions have excellent adhesion to many common packaging films and will form clear films quickly at ambient temperatures allowing for increased speed of printing and coating operations. The small nature of the aggregates in Eastek™ dispersions allows for excellent impregnation of wood surfaces. This leads to coatings with exceptional look and feel. Eastek™ grades vary in glass transition temperature and charge density allowing formulators the ability to tweak flexibility, tack, and water resistance of films formed by this sulfopolyester."


  • Water-based dispersions of aromatic sulfopolyester resins
  • Mainly as a film forming agent
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Increased speed of printing and coating operations
  • Excellent impregnation of wood surfaces

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